• World Diabetes Day

    The 14th of November every year, World Diabetes Day takes place. It is a day when a lot of big buildings and monuments all over the world glows in the diabetes blue colour, people dress in blue and arrange a row of festivities – most often in favor of diabetes research. Every year new events occur, and we at AnnaPS always trying to stay up to date with what is going on. Keep an eye out for news about the World Diabetes Day on the AnnaPS blog!

    IDF (International Diabetes Federation) is the organization behind the WDD and on their website you will find a lot of interesting and useful information and materials for diabetes awareness and the WDD campaign. Here is a selection:

    To make your own WDD-selfie (campaign year 2016 made by IDF): http://www.idf.org/worlddiabetesday/selfie-app

    Photo and text to be used on Social medias : http://www.idf.org/wdd-index/resources.html

    To find a WDD-event: (perfect, you can also register your own event):http://www.idf.org/wdd-events/