• Anna Sjöberg

    Anna Sjöberg (CEO and founder): As CEO of a small company, her role includes a little bit of everything such as; design, manufacturing, sale, orders, web shop, stock, marketing, social media, customers service, photography and meeting with other diabetics, costumers and companies. Anna lives in Östhammar, outside of Uppsala in Sweden with her husband (Per) and two children. She has a masters degree in engineering and previously had a career as a production manager within Swedish engineering industries. Anna has had type 1 diabetes since 1998. In 2009, when she got her first insulin pump, she immediately realized there were no good way of carrying it, and therefore subsequently founded AnnaPS to start develop carrying systems. Anna has always been living a very active lifestyle, both personally and as a coach for adults and children. Never has she let her diabetes stop her from exercising, and she wants to encourage other diabetics to do the same!