• Supporting Colleagues

    We would like to introduce our co-workers and consultants to you:

    MARKETING AND LOGISTICS: Per Sjöberg has been working for AnnaPS since 2016. He holds the contact to both our costumers and sales partners, takes care of the products delivery and our webshop as well as our other sales channels.

    DESIGN AND COLOR: Frida Eklund Edman (Art Director)  is helping us at AnnaPS by creating our stylish designs, slogans and creative layouts. She runs a company called Modelform, as well as an interior design blog and Instagram (@fridasfina).

    PHOTO: Frida Karlsson photographs the AnnaPS products and makes sure our pictures always are up-to-date.

    CO-WORKER: Sofia Stern-Larsson is the co-writer of our book “We can, want and dare… and we have type 1 diabetes”. Sofia lives in Gothenburg, where she runs her own company as well as her diabetes blog “Diabetesia”. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2008, and ever since has been passionate about raising awareness amongst society about the condition. Today she could never go back to using insulin pump cases – but always brings her pump in the AnnaPS clothes.