• Material and care

    The material used for the AnnaPS products is in most cases a functional and versatile material, consisting of high quality eco viscose known as Tencel. Tencel is breathable and absorbs sweat, making the garments a perfect fit for all conditions – in everyday life as well as when exercising. The functions of the material  ensure sweat and/or moisture doesn’t disturb the insulin pump’s functions or you as a wearer. Tencel shines like silk, breathes like wool and is soft like cotton. AnnaPS also have products made out of cotton and of the sports material polyamide. We recommend all of our products be washed at 40 degrees celsius – on an ordinary washing program – and that they be hang-dried, for ultimate durability. If you want to wash the products at 60 degrees it is possible, but the durability/ life cycle of the garment will be shortened because of the Lycra content, which is in all of AnnaPS products.