• Retailers

    AnnaPS is mainly a web shop based company, but our products are being retailed and distributed by other companies as well, as listed below. We are always looking for more distributors. If you are interested, please contact Anna Sjöberg on phone: +46730910555 or through email: info@annaps.com.

    DISTRIBUTOR IN USA: A selection of our products are available at Amazon.comWe ship our complete assortment to both the US and Canada from our webshop in Sweden

    DISTRIBUTOR IN GERMANY: Kirchheim Verlag: http://www.kirchheim-verlag.de

    DISTRIBUTOR IN GREECE: Diablue: https://www.diablue.gr

    DISTRIBUTOR IN FINLAND: Diabeteskauppa: http://www.diabeteskauppa.fi

    DISTRIBUTOR IN PORTUGAL: Insulinha ADN Português: https://insulinha.pt