• What insulin pumps fits the AnnaPS pockets?

    We at AnnaPS strive towards making our pockets fit all insulin pumps on the market, from all manufacturers. We have tested to carry different models of insulin pumps from Animas, Medtronic, Accu-Chek,Dana and the Omnipod hand unit. We have also carried hand units for CGM’s, Dexcom as well as glucose meters such as Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre, Accu-Chek and Bayer. These devices fit perfectly into the AnnaPS pockets. If you would be unsure of your insulin pump – or whatever you wish to carry in the AnnaPS clothes – fitting into an AnnaPS pocket, you can measure it and compare it to the the pocket’s measures (these are provided in the product manual for each garment). One thing to be aware of is that we have two different sizes of pockets, one smaller and one bigger. The bigger one is customized to carry bigger things like insulin pens or cellphones, while the smaller one is custom made for insulin pumps – and hand units in insulin pump size.