Do you have questions about us, our products, the production, payment, or something else? Scroll through the FAQ down below, and if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for there, please send us your question using this form:

  • Do the pockets on AnnaPS clothing work for all insulin pumps?
    The AnnaPS pockets are made to fit the majority of pumps sold today – Animas, Accu-check, Medtronic, Dana, Omnipod. If you are uncertain about your pump fitting you can measure your pump and compare the dimensions with those of the AnnaPS pockets. You find them here (länk till info om pumpfickorna). Leave the insulin pump case at home, and bring your insulin pump in the AnnaPS clothes with pockets instead!
  • I have a remote control for my pump. Does the remote control work if I have the pump in AnnaPS clothing?
    Yes, it works perfectly well. Many customers and pump manufacturers see it as a big advantage to have a remote control and carry the pump in AnnaPS clothing with pockets for the pump.
  • I don’t have a pump but rather I use injections instead. Are the AnnaPS products for me?
    Yes! Absolutely. The AnnaPS T-shirts both for men and women have larger pockets and there is definitely room for the insulin pen if it doesn’t exceed 16.5 centimeter (6 ½ inch) in length. Ditch the diabetes case, and bring all you need in the AnnaPS clothes with pockets!
  • There is always a lot to carry. As a diabetic I always carry my glucose meter, dextrose and also sometimes my emergency glucose injection with me. Will all this fit in the pockets?
    Yes! You can carry all these necessities in the AnnaPS products - so you won’t have to carry an extra bag. The AnnaPS product line has an under shirt for men and women with somewhat larger pockets. These pockets are longer and wider than the others and with them you can carry everything, simply and comfortably. You can also carry an insulin pen if you use that instead of a pump. Ditch the diabetes case, and bring all you need in the AnnaPS clothes with pockets!
  • I have a CGM (continuous glucose meter) - can I carry the hand unit in the AnnaPS products?
    Yes. Several gCGM users have written to us and told how well it works in AnnaPS clothing. We recommend that one makes sure that the pump and the sensor are placed so that they have contact with one another.
  • Can I be sure that the pump doesn’t fall out of the pocket to the floor and break?
    AnnaPS has put a lot of care into security issues. As a user of a pump one should not have to think about where you have the pump and you should be able to have your hands free. For that reason all the pockets on AnnaPS clothing have an opening and closing function on the outside. When you close the pocket correctly and put the pump in correctly it shall stay in the pocket. You can do hand-stands, run, hop, work and feel secure at all times that your pump is where it should be. AnnaPS recommends you to keep in mind that the pocket has a hole on the inside for the tubing and when the clothing isn’t being worn and the pump is in the pocket, you should keep in mind that the pump could fall through that hole on the inside especially if the clothing isn’t on the body.
  • I enjoy playing soccer (football) and I think it is difficult to carry my pump during the training sessions and games. Can AnnaPS help me?
    Of course, the AnnaPS products are very popular among pump users (both amateurs and professionals) who are active in sports. Many soccer and ice hockey players use the AnnaPS underwear with pockets during workouts and games. The placement of the pockets are such that they follow the body’s natural movements in a way that you aren’t even aware of carrying a pump. The clothing also breathes and helps to transport sweat so neither the user nor the pump is disturbed by either movement or dampness. AnnaPS recommends underwear with pockets for the majority of sports, including team sports like soccer, hockey and handball. AnnaPS has also been a huge success for runners as it can take everything you need, including dextrose, meters for measuring blood sugar and a cellphones.
  • I can finally sleep soundly at night without being bothered by my pump thanks to AnnaPS. But during the days I have a hard time getting to the pump in the pocket of my underwear. Is there another product to carry the pump then?
    Many have asked that specific question and it is the reason why AnnaPS developed a shirt with pockets that one can wear under their normal clothes such as shirts, dresses or T-shirts. It can also be worn on its own. In this way one can bring their pump discretely even when one is with other people. The shirt has pockets on both sides which makes it possible to carry dextrose, glucose meter and a cellphone if so is desired.
  • I’m afraid the needle will come out because I get caught in the tubing. Can I have the tubing on the inside of the AnnaPS clothing?
    All of the AnnaPS products have openings on the inside so one can simply place the tubing on the inside of the clothing. This will reduce the risk to get caught in the tubing, and ripping out the infusion set.
  • I’m afraid my child will feel ’different’ because she has a pump. She doesn’t want to show others that she has one, especially when she is changing for sports or showers among her friends. Is there a solution for this?
    There have been many customers who have the same wishes – to be able to discretely carry the pump. All of AnnaPS products have a special design so that the pocket is folded inwards leaving the pump not visible at all. The pump is completely hidden in the pocket and the tubing can be kept inside of the garment. With the pump in the pocket it can remain there when changing clothes. It therefore stays hidden and it also reduces the risk that your daughter could drop the pump.
  • I like to ski in the winter but am afraid that the insulin in the tubing will freeze. Do you have a solution for that?
    Several skiers who use an insulin pump have tested the AnnaPS products. The insulin and the pump are protected close to the body and the tubing is inside the clothing. The same is goes for the glucose meter which is protected from cold by the AnnaPS shirt with pockets.
  • Ever since I got my pump I have missed wearing a dress. Can I wear a dress with AnnaPS clothes with pockets?
    AnnaPS often receives thank you notes from female customers who are especially happy that they now can wear any kind of clothes they want and above all, they can easily wear a dress. The most common is that they choose to carry their pump in their underwear with pocket. Discretely.