• People and the environment

    At AnnaPS we work with a lovely and smooth material, considered design and sustainable fashion. We want to beautify through design; and you should be able to be who you are in your AnnaPS clothes. We have cut the fabric to make the garments, in a way that follows the body’s natural movements and contours; creating a garment with a diabetes case function integrated. Caring about the people and the environment is a matter close to our hearts. We have chosen to do the work for you, and in every step of the production process, we have made choices that minimises the environmental impact. Above all: we always to seek for to reduce number of productions steps from an environmental point of view. We also produce our products under working conditions we ourselves would accept because we want to make a difference. We want to offer products that facilitates and improves the lives of the people who make them as well as those wearing them. When purchasing AnnaPS garments, it could mean a whole new life for people living with an insulin pump treatment. It is all about offering products that work better and are made for the body. It is about making active choices to improve the environment. To give energy is one of our mottos. We do not want to encourage the disposable fashion philosophy, but the very opposite. We have consciously made the choices of style, design, colours and materials to make sure you are always right. No need to worry about trends, seasons and wear. We believe in quality and sustainable fashion. Everything we do reflects this way of thinking, from production to the final product. You can trust that in all situations, we have made choices that as far as possible minimise the negative effects on you, on the person producing the garment as well as on the environment. It can almost feel too much to understand and to grasp as a consumer. That is why we would like you to feel: – ‘I have chosen AnnaPS and their product. I know AnnaPS is about caring and consideration about the humans and the environment.’ We will help you to do all the work and the choices for you. We wants you to trust AnnaPS. Leave the insulin pump case at home, and bring your insulin pump in clothes with pockets instead!


    Our goal is to be at the top level of all fashion brands regarding environmental effort, we take care from the beginning to the end.

    A few examples on environmental choices AnnaPS have made:

    • material from renewable sources, no plundering, no forest devastation and sustainable farming.
    • fabric that gets clean when washing it in 40 degrees (giving the custumer the possibilty to reduce the washing temperature from 60 to 40 degrees celsius)
    • high quality (long lasting products)
    • locally produced as far as possible to minimize transports (the majority of the AnnaPS garments are made in a radie of 500 km from AnnaPS).
    • the first chioce is to chose shipping freigth from plants to AnnaPS to reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
    • reduce all need of extra chemicals (especially during the dying process)
    • suppliers and material in AnnaPS products that are Oeko-Tex labeled
    • suppliers that confirm they follow the Reach-legislation and signing the AnnaPS Code of Conduct
    • paying visits to our productions plants and subcontractors
    • secure waste and chemicals will be handled in a correct way. No unauthorized chemicals are used.


      • Read more For you who wants to read more about the AnnaPS environmental work, the demands on our suppliers follows:
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