• What do our test group say?

    A group of 45 people (15 children, 15 women and 15 men) have tried out the AnnaPS products. This is what they had to say afterwards:”

    ‘I sleep much better now with the pump in the pocket. Fantastic to not even be aware of my pump, so much better sleep!‘

    ‘Finally I can exercise more than one hour in a row.‘

    ‘I am happily surprised about these thought-through , comfortable, steady and good looking, but still so sheer panties!‘

    ‘When I am wearing leggings and a tunic, I can easily and discretely get access of my bolus dosage for e.g during dinner.‘

    ‘I can no longer imagine how to sleep without my Anna PS panties!‘

    ‘I have got a new life, to wear the pump is not a problem anymore, when I wear the pump in the pocket.’

    ‘Perfect when exercising.’

    ‘Freedom – I’ve gotten a new life and I don’t notice my insulin pump’

    ‘The quality is amazing’

    ‘Such a soft and comfortable material’

    ‘Good looking and fits my body with the thought-through pocket placement