• Our history and Our future

    AnnaPS is a relatively young company, but we grow bigger with everyday that passes. Here is a glimpse of our history – because we haven’t always been where we are today!

    When Anna was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and got her first insulin pump, she noticed almost right away that there were no good, comfortable and discrete ways to carry it; the market only offered insulin pump cases.

    In the beginning her diabetes nurse at the ‘Akademiska’ hospital in Uppsala, along with a Medtronic representative, encouraged her to feel more confident in her diabetes. Wishing to find a solution to the problem of where to put her pump without bringing a diabetes case, Anna started AnnaPS.

    The clothing brand was created in collaboration with diabetics, a test group of 45 in total, that also included healthcare professionals and pump manufacturer Medtronic. The first product that AnnaPS developed, was a panty with an integrated pocket, that was tested by people with diabetes back in 2010 and ever since then the AnnaPS range of products with integrated pockets has become bigger and bigger. The first market ready products was launched in 2011, and the very same year products for men and kids entered their testing period. These items were available in the webshop during the fall of 2012, and ever since then we have offered products, to replace the diabetes case, for everybody including; kids, adults and both men and women. The AnnaPS age range starts from age three years and up to adult size XXL and all products include integrated pockets for diabetes devices.

    We are very proud of our product line, but are never satisfied. We can always improve ourselves, and are therefore constantly developing new products. If you have got any ideas, feel free to reach out to us! Ditch the diabetes case, and bring all you need in the AnnaPS clothes with pockets!