• The Board

    AnnaPS in run by Anna Sjöberg’s company Facilitate Partner AB, and the board consists of Pernilla Lundin and Per Sjöberg.

    Pernilla, with a past within Swedish engineering industries at Sandvik, is an expert when it comes to brand-building and marketing. She is a mother of triplets, lives in Gävle and has been part of AnnaPS since the very beginning.

    Per has a long past at Sandvik, with skills in production, buying, stock management and logistics. He has been CEO at two of Sandvik’s high schools for several years, before he started to work full-time for AnnaPS. Per does not have diabetes himself, but a few people close to him do have the condition; he is married to Anna Sjöberg, and his mother and aunt have type 1 diabetes as well. Thus he has a good understanding of tha challenges diabetics have to face.