• The pocket design

    The AnnaPS products are especially developed to fill the needs of a insulin pumper, such as security, comfort and beauty.

    They are discrete, stylish and has good storage, and are a good option to the classic diabetes case.

    All garments have integrated pockets where insulin pumps, glucose meters, hand units or insulin pens can be carried. The pockets are placed to make the diabetes devices follow the natural movements of the body.

    Inside the pocket there is an opening for the tubing, so that is can be stored securily and hidden on the inside of the garment.

    The pockets are designed with pockets lids that closes to make sure the insulin pump does not fall out. This is subject to the garment being intact and the user manual being followed.

    Leave the insulin pump case at home, and bring your insulin pump in the AnnaPS clothes with pockets instead!