• New Sport Bra !

    Improved design, better than ever
    New bigger front pocket  – fits also your mobile phone
    Firm – great support for your breasts
    Better fit – adapted to regular size charts
    What customer says…..
    This is so great. I really like that I can have my mobile phone in the front pocket and that this sport bra really have a great support for my breast even when running. I can´t wait until it is available in the shop.
    Made by Pump users
    We put a lot of effort to evaluate our products before we launch them. This photos are from the testing of the new sport bra made by the Founder of AnnaPS and the T1D´s Josefin Palmén in year 2019 in Barcelona at EASD (the European Association for the study of Diabetes – one of the world biggest diabetes congress).
    Get tips from Josefin!
    Josefin is an AnnaPS Ambassador having supporting AnnaPS development since 2012. She has been testing our products in extreme conditions, like when she was skiing from the Finish to the Russian boarder in -35 degrees celsius with her insulin pump in an AnnaPS tank top. She has been doing Iron man and diabetes never ever stop her manage her challenges.