• Lia- a skicross lover

    About Lia
    Hey!  I am a type 1 diabetic, diagnosed when I was 12. In addition to diabetes, skiing is a big part of my life. I have been skiing ever since me and my family moved up to Åre in Sweden. Two years ago I started at the Ski cross high school in Åre. This means a lot of training, Mostly skiing but also a lot of gym and fitness training. AnnaPS clothes is a life saver. It makes everyday life easier! I have had problems not knowing where to put my pump when I am training. With the Anna PS clothes it fits perfectly in the pockets and stay secure and is not bothering me. My favorite garment is the long-sleeved sweater, because it can also be used as an undergarment when I ski and for running and other activities when I want to be a little warmer.

    Never let your diabetes stop you!
    Lia´s tip to all diabetics is to never let diabetes stop you. It is a very tough disease to handle, but you can find your way to manage your diabetes. Get it to fit your life and not the opposite….

    What Lia says about her insulin pump….

     Lia has a Tandem T:slim insuline pump with basal IQ and use a Dexcom G6. She loves the possibility this pump gives her to use a close loop system. She tells us she is very satisfied and so nice to get help to stop the basal dose when she is close to get a hypo (going LOW). This is a really help during sleep and exercise.

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