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    For you who wants to read more about the AnnaPS environmental work, the demands on our suppliers follows:

    Environmental awareness means that AnnaPS will ensure all consumers of an AnnaPS product that it is not harmful, hazardous or has any forbidden chemicals left or have been used during the production process. All the garments should be produced, as a minimum requirement, in accordance to environmental laws within EU (REACH). We would like to have suppliers and subcontractors which chooses the most environmental friendly goods, raw materials, methods and/or technology applicable with respect to the ordered quality in all its operations. The supplier cannot outsource its negative environmental consequences to subcontractors, hence the supplier is responsible for the environment in the production line in which the supplier is directly or indirectly involved. The supplier warrants that national environmental laws and regulations are complied with at all times. A poor environment creates poor living and working condition that can impose irreversible and severe damages to the local community and the labour force – and within a short period of time harm suppliers and subcontractors business. AnnaPS will ensure no poor environments. Ethical awareness means that AnnaPS will secure all customers of these garments all being produced by a company who follows the legalisations within EU for labour laws and best occupational health and safety practice. The right to freedom of association and the right to form and join trade unions shall always be respected. We believe that a strong focus and continuous improvement of an ethical business and compliance to the principles in our Code of Conduct will ultimately benefit all parties and countries, both economically and socially.