• Book about Diabetes

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    • Don’t give up on your dreams. Instead, open the book, get to know a bunch of inspiring people, and close it again with renewed motivation.

      We can, want and dare …and we have type 1 diabetes!” is written for you who just got the diagnose, for you who have lived with it for a while, for you as a relative – or for you who’s just eager to learn more.
      This  is no ordinary fact book. This book shows reality. Living with a chronic condition isn’t always easy – but it’s not an impossible obstacle. You will get past it like anyone else, but it might take a little longer. In here we have gathered girls and boys, at mixed ages, with different passions and ambitions, from all over the world. How about a star chef from New York, an elite sprinter from Wales, a radio personality from Stockholm or a blogger from Australia? They all have one thing in common: type 1 diabetes.
      Anna Sjöberg, diagnosed in 1998, and Sofia Larsson-Stern (Diabetesia), diagnosed in 2008, have written this book to make less people feel constrained by their diabetes.
      Number of pages: 112
      We support the diabetes research. For every sold book, we donate money to the Swedish Diabetes Fund.

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