• Protection from the cold

    To protect your insulin from the cold is important. Still almost every diabetic (living in Scandinavian conditions at least!) has experienced the glucose meter not working becuase of a too low temperature, for example. This situation is easily solved by storing it in the pocket of an AnnaPS product. Some wear their AnnaPS tank top over their thermal underwear to have easier access to their insulin pump and glucose meter under the winter jacket. Also parents of type 1 diabetic children wear the AnnaPS products with their child’s glucose meter in to keep it safe from the cold. The AnnaPS products have even climbed Mount Everest, on type 1 diabetic Lena Sturebrand: “The AnnaPS clothes was the only way to protect my insulin from the cold when climbing Mount Everest. I carried all insulin, my glucose meter and my insulin pump in clothes with pockets!”.

    More detailed tip here.

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